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Treat Your Taste Buds to 5Church's Banana Crème Brûlée

Looking for the ultimate dessert experience? Look no further than 5Church's Banana Crème Brûlée, crafted by the talented Executive Pastry Chef Ben Collins. This heavenly treat combines two classic desserts - Crème Brûlée and Banana Pudding - into one mouthwatering creation.

"I use common flavors and common concepts that people are used to seeing and tasting but present them in ways that they'd never expect," says Chef Collins. And with the Banana Crème Brûlée, he does just that. The creamy banana-flavored custard is topped with a layer of caramelized turbinado sugar, and paired with a crunchy crumble made from toasted banana bread and salty pretzels. To finish it off, a rich bourbon caramel chantilly is added, taking this dessert to new heights of flavor.

This unique blend of classic French technique with a modern twist is sure to satisfy all of your sweet cravings. And if you're in need of a gluten-free option, the Banana Crème Brûlée can be modified upon request. So don't miss out on this delicious treat - visit 5Church's midtown or buckhead location in Atlanta to indulge in a little bit of Banana Crème Brûlée heaven.

Be sure to make your reservations at, and follow Chef Ben on Instagram at @chefbencollins for more culinary inspiration.

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