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AltaToro: Your Premier Venue for Unforgettable Events

Are you searching for a venue that transcends the ordinary for your next special occasion? Look no further than AltaToro, a modern Latin restaurant situated in the vibrant heart of Midtown Atlanta. Our culinary haven isn't just a dining experience—it's a captivating journey through the rich tapestry of Latin America.

Host your private or semi-private event in a space where culinary excellence meets enchanting entertainment. At AltaToro, our award-winning chefs meticulously blend flavors from Peru, Argentina, Mexico, and Spain, using locally-sourced ingredients to create a menu that seamlessly fuses tradition with innovation.

What sets AltaToro apart is not only the exquisite cuisine but the immersive experience we offer. Picture nightly fire shows that elevate your culinary adventure, creating an electrifying ambiance. On Fridays and Saturdays, the atmosphere transforms with live DJs, adding a rhythmic thrill to the evening.

Our captivating space boasts a stunning 20-foot tree sculpture at the center of the restaurant—a symbol of the extraordinary experiences that unfold within our walls. Additionally, AltaToro offers a versatile setting with an enclosed and heated patio, perfect for events, along with our main dining room. Whether you prefer the intimate atmosphere of the patio or the vibrant energy of the main dining room, AltaToro ensures your celebration is nothing short of spectacular.

Now, you have the opportunity to host your event with us. Let our dedicated sales team work closely with you to customize the perfect menu and create a unique atmosphere that suits your occasion. From birthdays and anniversaries to corporate events, we'll ensure your celebration is an extraordinary journey.

33 Peachtree Place

Atlanta, GA 30309


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