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Celebrate National Burger Day with a Flavor Explosion at K5 Hospitality's Restaurants

Calling all burger enthusiasts! National Burger Day is here, and what better way to celebrate this beloved culinary creation than by indulging in the mouthwatering burger offerings at K5 Hospitality's restaurants? From the upscale ambiance of 5Church Buckhead to the vibrant flavors at AltaToro, there's a burger for every palate at these extraordinary establishments.

5Church Buckhead: The Wagyu Burger

At 5Church Buckhead, you can elevate your National Burger Day experience with the Wagyu Burger. This masterpiece is a true fusion of flavors and textures. Imagine sinking your teeth into a juicy wagyu patty topped with portabella mushrooms, goat cheese fondue, and a delectable fig aioli that adds a sweet and savory kick. The mint adds a refreshing twist, and the crispy potatoes bring that perfect crunch. But that's not all - it's served on a duck fat brioche bun, elevating this burger to a whole new level of indulgence.

5Church Midtown: Lamb Lovers Unite

For those looking to step outside the traditional beef burger realm, 5Church Midtown presents the 5Church Lamb Burger. This is a burger for the adventurous foodie. The succulent lamb patty is topped with red onion marmalade, gorgonzola fondue for that creamy richness, and a handful of arugula to balance the flavors. All of this goodness is sandwiched between a perfectly toasted brioche bun and served with hand-cut fries. The secret sauce? Well, that's a secret you'll have to taste to uncover.

AltaToro: Latin Flair Meets Burger Bliss

If you're in the mood for something truly unique, AltaToro's Toro Burger is a must-try. This modern Latin restaurant has taken the burger game to a whole new level. The Toro Burger features dry-aged beef, avocado, queso fundido (cheese heaven), pápalo chipotle aioli for a hint of smokiness, and a crispy chicharrón that adds an unforgettable crunch. Lettuce and tomato provide a refreshing contrast, and you can choose your favorite side to complete the experience.

Whether you're a fan of classic beef burgers or you're ready to embark on a burger adventure, K5 Hospitality's restaurants have you covered this National Burger Day. Gather your friends and family, and head to 5Church Buckhead, 5Church Midtown, or AltaToro to savor these extraordinary creations that celebrate the art of the burger. Don't forget to pair your burger with a refreshing beverage from their extensive drink menus for the ultimate dining experience. Cheers to National Burger Day and the delicious memories you'll create!

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