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Celebrate Pride Weekend at Virtue Rooftop's Pride Day Party! 🌈

Looking for the perfect way to celebrate Pride Weekend in style? Look no further than Virtue Rooftop's Pride Day Party on Saturday, October 14th, from 12PM to 5PM! Located at the vibrant Virtue Rooftop above 5Church Midtown, this event promises an unforgettable celebration of love, diversity, and inclusion.

At Virtue Rooftop's Pride Day Party, guests can expect a lively atmosphere with a talented DJ providing the beats to keep the party going. The best part? There's no cover charge, making it accessible to all partygoers aged 21 and over.

In addition to the electrifying music and fantastic vibes, attendees can indulge in the full Virtue Food & Drink Menu, showcasing an array of delicious options to satisfy every craving. And what's a celebration without some special treats? Virtue Rooftop is proud to present their "Loud & Proud" Pride Specials, featuring a Rainbow Cardamom Chiffon Cake with White Chocolate Swiss Merengue—a dessert as vibrant and flavorful as the rainbow itself.

To complement the dessert, sip on the "Loud & Proud" Pride Cocktail, crafted with Titos Vodka, Lychee liqueur, Hibiscus, Lemon juice, Prosecco, and Strawberry—a delightful blend that embodies the colorful spirit of Pride.

Come together with friends and fellow revelers to celebrate love, acceptance, and unity on this joyous occasion. Virtue Rooftop's Pride Day Party is the perfect opportunity to honor the LGBTQ+ community and stand in solidarity with pride and love.

Save the date, gather your friends, and let's make this Pride Weekend a memorable and meaningful celebration at Virtue Rooftop's Pride Day Party. See you there! 🏳️‍🌈🎉

You can enjoy the Pride Cocktail and dessert special all week from October 9th to October 15th at 5Church Midtown and Virtue Rooftop. 🌈🍹🍰

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