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Announcing Midtown's Next Hotspot: ALTA TORO - A Modern Latin Restaurant from the 5Church Team

Get ready Atlanta, because the newest dining destination is coming to town and it's called Alta Toro! The name, which means "high bull" in Spanish, pays homage to traditional Spanish-style bullfighting and just like the strong and powerful bull in the ring, we're ready to dominate the Atlanta dining scene.

The highly-anticipated opening of Alta Toro is just around the corner, and Atlanta is buzzing with excitement. The team behind K5 Hospitality (5Church Midtown, Virtue Rooftop, and 5Church Buckhead) is thrilled to announce the name of their newest venture, Alta Toro. Located at 33 Peachtree Place NE in Midtown Atlanta, Alta Toro promises to be a truly immersive Latin American experience with modern cuisine, exciting art, and upbeat music and programming. Get ready for a dining experience like no other, as Alta Toro transports you to the heart of Latin America with its delicious food, perfect ambiance, and great energy.

"I know Alta Toro is going to be an amazing restaurant for Atlanta," said Ayman Kamel, principal of K5 Hospitality. "We are going to excite our guests with all the modern Latin cuisines and great methods of Latin cooking."

The menu at Alta Toro will be curated by the restaurant's culinary director, Rodney Smith Jr. and his team of chefs. They are working to create a menu that will transport diners on a journey through the different countries and regions of Latin America. "We’re creating a dining experience that will transport you on a culinary journey through the different countries and regions of Latin America. We will use traditional ingredients and techniques while adding a touch of refinement to create an unforgettable dining experience," says Smith. The menu will feature a wide variety of modern Latin American flavors, ensuring that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

The design and atmosphere of Alta Toro will be just as exciting as the menu. The space will be designed by Plexus R+D, the architecture and interior design studio behind 5Church Buckhead, and will be a vibrant, energetic, and inviting space where guests can gather with their group. Artwork commissioned by the team from Latin American and Atlanta-based artists will adorn the walls and elevate the overall experience, while a massive tree sculpture takes center stage as the restaurant’s focal point.

“We want to create a truly immersive Latin American experience at Alta Toro,” said Ayman Kamel. “From the moment guests step through our doors, we want to transport them to the heart of Latin America with enticing sights and smells that stimulate all the senses. Whether it’s sizzling paella cooked on the patio or lively salsa dancing, we want to create memorable dining experiences that guests will never forget.”

Live, festive music and exciting programming will also be an integral part of the Alta Toro dining experience. The team behind Alta Toro is currently planning and curating the programming to ensure that guests are entertained throughout their meal.

From left: Ayman Kamel, Billy Turner, Mayree Solis, Dominique Buchanon, Valerie Vasilchikova, Scot Gray, Sarah Iqbal, Chelsea Barto, Ben Collins, Rodney Smith Jr.

“We’re very excited about the opening of Alta Toro,” said Kamel. “We have a great team in place and we’re confident that we’ll exceed guests’ expectations with our delicious food, perfect ambiance, and great energy. We can’t wait to welcome Atlanta to our new restaurant.”

Alta Toro is set to open in Spring 2023 at 33 Peachtree Place NE in Midtown Atlanta. Keep an eye out for hiring announcements in the coming months. Follow Alta Toro on Instagram @altatoro.atl and check out their website for more information.

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