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Thanksgiving Extravaganza: K5 Hospitality's Unmissable Buffet Feasts at Three Locations!

This Thanksgiving, prepare your taste buds for a feast like no other! K5 Hospitality is rolling out the red carpet with sumptuous buffet offerings at not one, not two, but three of its flagship restaurants. 5Church Midtown, 5Church Buckhead, and AltaToro are set to deliver gastronomic delights from 11am to 8pm on November 23, 2023.

For the traditional Thanksgiving buffet at 5Church Midtown and 5Church Buckhead, indulge for $70 per adult and $20 per child (12 & under).

5Church Midtown:

5Church Buckhead:

Meanwhile, at AltaToro, a special Latin-inspired Thanksgiving buffet can be savored at $55 per adult and $20 per child (12 and under).

Don't miss out on this trifecta of culinary excellence that promises to make your Thanksgiving an unforgettable affair! 🦃🍽️


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